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Our "April" Market Day has been moved to May 6th to join Big Country Homebrewers Association Big Brew (homebrewing) event!

Shop our Market Day vendors, grab bites from 1881 Food Truck, listen to live music, and learn how to brew your own beer!

"Taste, touch and smell some of the main ingredients of beer, which are water, grains, hops and yeast.
See how milled barley is turned into a sweet hot liquid (wort) and then how this wort is prepared (through boiling, hop additions and cooling) for yeast to be added later to ferment the wort into beer."DISCLAIMER: This is a demo only and does NOT PERMIT the consumption of any alcoholic beverages at this business location.

Big Brew is promoted by the American Homebrewers Association (

Disclaimer: This is a demo only that will share the various ingredients of the process, and does not permit the consumption or open containers of any alcoholic beverages at this business location. Come see how craft beer is made and how easy it is to brew your own beer at home.